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Keeping it Real-ational

When was the last time you were surprised or delighted by an aspect of God's character or actions?

We like to affirm that Christianity is all about relationship with God and not religion.  Yet it can sometimes be easy to get caught up with concepts/doctrines to understand and believe; Christian behaviours that are expected; and tasks and roles to fulfill as part of a congregation.  Sometimes it can feel like our Christianity becomes utilitarian (ie purely task focused) - what God can/should do for us and what we can/should do for God. 

Getting overwhelmed by responsibilities and tasks can sap the enjoyment of our marriages, families and friends.  It can be the same with our relationship with God.

So how can we keep our walk with God really relational?

By rekindling our delight in God. 

One day you could delight in Prayer
On Sunday during the prayer time people prayed prayers of thanks to God about the complexity and beauty of His creation.  There was no sense of obligation or task - just thanks and even delight.  So you might like to set aside 2 minutes for prayer that has no agenda of ministry, obligation or intercession.  Thank God for the small blessings of life, delight over creation and wait and let God give you a fresh revelation of His incredible love for us and joy over us. 

Another day you could delight in Reading
You might also like to spend 4 minutes reading a part of the Gospels and delight in Jesus interaction with the sick, weak,  broken, and outsiders.  Just look for that - don't look for deep theology or things you should do differently - look to be delighted by Jesus the person.

And on another you could delight in Testimony
You could spend 2 minutes recalling some great things God has done for you in the past or think about some of the recent testimonies from people at church.  Just enjoy being amazed at the goodness of God.

It may take you a little while to get out of the obligation/religion mode of thinking so just chip away at it let God regrow your delight bit by bit.

David Wanstall, 06/10/2010