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Some reflections on our season of gathering

Over the last couple of months our church has been in a season where we are focusing upward on our relationship with God and inward on our life together as a church community.  We have de-emphasised but not stopped our outward focus on mission.  We have focussed more on meals together, small groups, prayer, bible reading and an upcoming camp.  Here are some of my reflections so far:
  • After a long period focusing out on mission, the inward and upward focus is familiar and comforting.
  • But there is a recognition that just engaging in the inward and upward activities is not enough.  After this season we will need to lean outward again.
  • Paradoxiacally, the space created by less outward activities has led to numbers of people having deeper and more substantial spiritual conversations with their non-Christian friends
  • We shouldn't rush through this season, but let God complete all He has for us at this time.

David Wanstall, 05/03/2014