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Today is the only day we can follow God

Christianity looks both forward and back: 
  • Back to the life, death resurrection and ascension of Jesus.
  • Forward toHis second coming and the renewal of all things
But it is also firmly grounded in the present:
  • The time has come, the Kingdom of God is available
  • Now is the day of Salvation....
  • Today do not harden your hearts....
When Jesus went across the lake, his disciples had to get in the boat with him on that day if they wanted to follow Him.  When he went to Jerusalem, it was similar.

It is the same for us - we can only follow God today - we can't do it yesterday or tomorrow.  So however new or experienced you are as a Christian, the only day you can follow God is today.

You might like to develop a habit that helps you focus on following God today.  Here is a prayer that you might like to use:

Our Father in heaven
Thank you for today. 
Please help us to follow you today 
through whatever joys and challenges it may bring.
Help us to learn from yesterday and look forward to tomorrow.
But most of all help us to live with you and for you today. Amen.


David Wanstall, 25/06/2014