EnCounter baptist Youth and young adults

Encounter Baptist Youth & Young Adults is the discipleship group for the emerging generation at Encounter Baptist Church. We gather every second Friday night and anyone from Grade 6-12 is welcome to join us.  

If you're ever confused about when Youth events are happening please email georgia@encounterbaptist.org.au for more information.

We are looking forward to welcoming your young person to EBC Youth.

Before they attend, please fill out the registration form below and include any details of the children who will be attending the program.  This form is required to be updated yearly by a parent/guardian to ensure that details are up to date.

This information provides us with basic contact details so we can contact you if your child needs you. It also provides us with basic medical information regarding allergies and medical conditions that help us best care for your child whilst they are at EBC Youth.

This information is collected in line with Encounter Baptist's privacy policy